About Us


With our health & safety culture and commitment to high standards, you can feel confident in our ability to deliver your projects safely and without compromise!

Our Health and Safety Policy

We are highly driven by the Health and Safety standards required by the Government. Competencies, and attitudes of all team members, ensure we are providing a safe system of work as well as a sustainable work environment and we strive to achieve the highest standards of health and safety management within all projects and services we supply.

REGULAR INSPECTIONS of sites are carried out by our own in-house Safety Officer to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation and that all findings are recorded to monitor the performance of all sites.

We believe in a proactive rather than reactive approach to health and safety is key. We take an active approach to accident prevention including but not limited to, the identification of hazards and therefore the elimination, reduction, and avoidance of work place risks. These measures are implemented in the very early stages of project planning and are carried through the duration of the project.

We continuously reinvest in the development and implementation of health, safety, and welfare. Training programmes are constantly reviewed to ensure that competency levels are maintained to a high standard; paying particular attention to the training of our personnel.



Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is to provide a high quality of professional service to our clients, working within your guidelines and specifications. We aim to understand and respond to the needs of our clients and the community we serve – where applicable – in a sustainable way. We aim to provide an efficient partnership whist at the same time snuring that every aspect of the services provided is conducted in line with the details outlined in our Quality Management System.

Our Environment

The way we leave our world to our children is the single most important thing we will ever do. Whether individually or corporately, we will leave behind us a legacy which we are determined to make as ecologically sound as possible. We actively encourage all our staff to take an active role in reducing waste and carbon emissions and doing all that we can to promote the recycling of all spent and obsolete materials whenever possible.