All operatives receive on-going technical training via weekly ‘Toolbox Talks’.  In addition our innovative Key Worker Programme offers personal development and training providing improved career options



Here at BEAM we implemented an Activity-Based Working Environment at the early stage of setting up our offices.

To maintain the best results, we included employee experience survey and space utilisation audit into the initial proceedings. We come up with the strategy to ensure all reasonable workspace improvements are available.

For the benefit and satisfaction of our Staff all office areas are fully air-conditioned and serviced.

The building is also disabled-friendly and accessible.

To ensure good levels of productivity we have settled in the premises where Main Office floor remains separate from Meeting/Interview Rooms and individual work areas.

The basic function of our office provides a focused working environment, implementing individual desks stations with state-of-the-art computer equipment. Here at BEAM everyone is free to choose their preferred working space and personalise it to their own taste.

Communication at every stage of the working process is simple and easy thanks to consolidation of all departments. This way we have also ensured a friendly environment and flexible linking across all level employees with multiple tasks.

Many aspects of creative work, like design and catering to specific job requirements takes place in designated collaboration Meeting Room. It also serves to provide a quiet working space for working alone, or in pairs.

The Business Suite is where we meet our Clients and introduce them to our company.

The designated kitchen remains separate from main office floor to avoid disturbing workers with smells, or sounds that they might not be comfortable with. A separate fridge for vegetarian food is available as well, as water cooler, coffee machine and dishwasher.

Our employees are treated to fresh fruit and healthy food on a regular basis.

We support all Staff to maintain healthy lifestyles.