We have implemented a set of rules which provide us with the most appropriate procurement method to use on each project:

  • Client consultations towards obtaining detailed information regarding the expectations, from our side a full transparency to enable full insight into our capabilities.
  • Internal procedures related to Design, Management, methodology, workforce and construction methods.

At the design stage of project, we do prefer brain storming and internal consultations, which allows the combined knowledge of the entire team to be used.

Experts from Management, Surveying, Estimating and Procurement departments acknowledge the concept. From this point onward, the team is linked and cooperates actively through every stage that follows.

Client consultations are encouraged and serve a very important purpose in the process of choosing our procurement methods in respect to individual aspects of the plan.

Our procurement methods understandably depend on estimated cost of particular project. This directs specific cost amount and time-frame to use for a specific method of procurement.

Having a great impact on timeframes and lead-time, procurement and following stages are subject to flexible approach.

For purpose of purchasing general materials, which are widely available and offered with similar specifications, we implement the competitive method of choosing our suppliers. In such cases our choice usually relies on the ability of supplier to offer undisturbed stock of goods, delivery charges and times, as well, as proven reliability. We would always, however, keep back-up supplier’s details in our books to avoid unanticipated problems.

When it comes to specific materials, like patented designs, items available through exclusive distributors, or manufacturers, our approach changes and a non-competitive method of procurement is implemented.

We maintain long-term relationships and use our industry-wide contacts for sub-contractors and labour to obtain best available rates while taking great care to ensure fair-trade rules are observed at every level.